Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am a bad blogger

So, I have been nonstop since my brother's birthday. The next weekend I went to my mothers quilt show. She won 2nd place in the kit category for her Tuscan Sun quilt. Yeah Momma! (to see these pictures bigger click here:
I had a wonderful weekend with my parents and I got to see my college kitty again. She is precious, but my brother renamed her Meatball (her original name was Scarlet). Then I went back to Dallas to spend the Fourth of July with my brothers and his fabulous girlfriend, Joanna. I love her and they are just perfect together. And now, Patrick and I are leaving to go camping for a week in Rocky Mountain National Park!!! Oh my goodness. I am excited to be away from work and phones and stuff. I am going to take so many pictures!!!! Yeah!
On another note, I have been told that the last day of July is my last day at work. So I have sent my resume around and hopefully I can get a job. The job market in this town is just terrible.
Cross your fingers and kiss your elbow... I need a job!

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Shawna Jeree' said...

have fun! and i understand bad job market, so good luck! xo