Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NYC here I come!!!

So, in seven days I will get on a plane and fly to New York City for the first time in my life. I am so freakin' excited I find myself giggling everytime I think about it! My husband just laughs at me, he thinks I am crazy! Anyways... My in-laws have sublet an apartment for the holidays and we are staying with them for five days.

Its a big deal to me because I have always felt I belong there. I know I don't belong here (West Texas). It seems like my whole life I have been trying to get to the city and now I am finally going. It's fabulous!

My favorite brother, Jake, sent this picture to me today and it made me all kinds of happy. First, because he wrote it in snow, which cross your fingers I will get to see while I am in NYC. And Second, that he was thinking of me. Love ya Jake!!


Shawna Jeree' said...

have fun for me! i've always wanted to go to new york and have an olsen twin moment...lol j/k but i think i would be all giggly if i got to go too! just imagine....

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Jake said...

I sent you that picture. I hope you like it.