Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is a New Year

Ok...So, I know that my new years post is running a little behind. But I wanted to make sure that the New Year was worth commenting before I wrote a post.
And guess what it is... I started a new job, I have been to New York and back (technically that was 2008), and my photography business is slowly inching along.
I had a few goals for 2009 that I wanted to share:
1. Expand my Etsy store
2. Improve my sewing skills
3. Enter an Art Show
4. Wii Fit 3x a week
I was doing so well before the holidays, I need to get a routine again! Plus, Wii Fit is super fun! It's been a wonderful start to the New Year, I got to see my extra super great friend, Shawna! And I got to listen to one of my favorite bands Thirft Store Cowboys. It was the perfect start! Let's keep the love flowin'... yeah, 2009!


Shawna Jeree' said...

yay! great start! you keep me going!!! love love love you!!! go vesparados go! xo

Jamie said...

wish i could have been there with you guys...but either way 2009 is gonna be awesome!!!