Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moleskine, how I heart thee!

1. I love your smile., 2. GÊMEAS DE PRETO E BRANCO, 3. 062/365, 4. #27, Moleskine
I love Moleskines, they are the greatest. I only have a small stack because I just started using them 2 years ago. But I have seen people with stacks and stacks of all sizes. The pocket size are just perfect for traveling I take it everywhere! And if I forget one, chance are I can pick a new one up any where! Yeah, Moleskines!
I have just joined a small group creating collaborations in the small Moleskine Japanese folded albums. We will send them around the world and add out on little bits to things that are already started. I am very excited about it!
Below are a couple of my favorite flickr groups that exhibit the loveliness of Moleskines!
One Page at a Time
My Moleskine

Sidenote: As soon as I have a bit of time to sit down I'll post about my trip home and the Indy 500.

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