Friday, May 15, 2009

My Favorites from Flickr May 15th

Favorites for May 15th
1. appreciative guest, 2. RGB, 3. welcome, 4. thinking about me, 5. 223/365 Dreaming, 6. Anton & Cynthia, 7. 129 - May 9 - Why won't you talk to me?, 8. in you more than you.

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I am addicted to flickr right now. I have taken pictures in awhile and I hate that. I've been editing lots, which is my least favorite part of photography. But my best friend, Jamie, is graduating on Saturday (yeah Jamie!!!) so I will be taking lots of pics!
And then on Tuesday after work, Patrick and I will drive to Dallas to catch a plane crazy early in the morning on Wednesday. We're off to Indianapolis! It's our families annual tradition to attend the Indianapolis 500. Patrick married into the madness and he couldn't be happier. My dad has been attending the race for 30+ years and he's been camping in the same spot in the Coca Cola fields for as long as I can remember. So I am super excited! Plus, I need to get the hell out of town.

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