Monday, July 20, 2009

Mix Tape Monday!

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My husband and I are driving around town and a song comes on the radio, and I say this song always reminds me of so and so and the time we did whatever. And he turns to me and says,
"You say that about every song that ever comes on the radio. Every song has a story."
I started thinking, every song does have a story. It's just that music is such a huge part of my life and it links my memories to a specific moment or person or feeling. And I am so thankful for this glitch in my brain. I may not be able to remember the square root of pi, but I can tell about the night at camp where Lulu taught me how to play Linger on the guitar. And about a night in Oak Cliff in the heart of Dallas, where my skinny white friend, Mike, from Wisconsin got up and sang Stevie Wonder's Superstitious, and blew the whole club away. And at South by Southwest where my brother and I saw Margot and the Nuclear so and So's together for the first time. So every song on this list is linked to a memory or a person who obviously made an impression on me. Whether we are still in contact or not every time I hear their song I think of them and the good times we shared! I encourage you to make a play list full of songs with happy memories...

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