Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh Autumn, how I miss thee!

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I think I always took it for granted. Every year the leaves would change and the fall colors would shine in the sun. But I don’t think I have seen a true autumn since I left Indiana. I miss it. I would drive down Aboite Center Rd. just to see all the burning red leaves on the way to my friend Mary’s house. I remember hanging out at Angela’s where her dad would rake leaves into a pile just so we could jump in them. I used to drive with the windows down and the heater on so I could smell the fall air. I miss it. Here the weather is so surprising, that finally the leaves just die and fall off the branches. Yesterday was freezing and today is 80. And the leaves just turn from green to dead. As I was flipping through flickr today, I noticed the beautiful range of colors that sprinkle country side. And it makes me long for home. Johnny Appleseed Festival (not quite fall), Hay rides, Pumpkin Patches, Trick-or-Treating, apple cider, and the smell of burning leaves.

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kiki said...

i heart fall! i haven't been to the corn maze here yet, but i really want to go!