Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Double Tap Tuesday on Wednesday

Sorry folks, I was so busy yesterday I completely ran out of time for Double Tap Tuesday. So here is Double Tap Tuesday the Wednesday Edition!
1. Inventive T-Shirts

This wonderful T is from Forty Sixty Photo!
They have wonderful T's that make me smile. And I am totally buying this for one of my awesome photo friends or maybe me!

Threadless is another wonderful website for super witty t's. These may be my favorites. What's great about Threadless is that they have T's for, $9, $12, and $15, making your Christmas shopping super affordable and funny! Imay have to buy every family member a t-shirt for their stockings. 

2. New Moon

Okay, so I am one of those girls who bought their ticket for the midnight show months in advance and I reread the book because I love it and have plans to meet up with my friend at 7pm to get in line so we will get the perfect seat for the 12:01am show. I am an uber-geek! But in my defense I do the same thing for Harry Potter so it's not just for dreamy vampires. And my beautiful husband is super happy because he does not have to go with me this time. He was a brave soul and attended the midnight showing for the first installment of Twilight. He is a good man.
Okay 2 reasons why I am excited about New Moon.
1. The mostly missing Edward Cullen- poor Robert and his pretty little over exposed face. I think he needs a break and that is just what New Moon should be. And now Taylor is front and center without his shirt. That cutie nevers gets a photo shoot with clothes!
2. That it's the movie in the way of Eclipse- Eclipse was by far my favorite book of the series. You get more background on the Cullen family and the super vampy battle, all very exciting. So I am a fan and I am going to the midnight release but, I am more excited about the movie to come than New Moon.

And now I will leave you with a melding of my two Double Taps today. A witty Twilight Tshirt. Pick this one up at Cafe Press.


aninspiredpeace said...

LOVE the t-shirts on this post! Hilarious! I am heading over to their site right now.

Oh, and I've heard that they changed New Moon a little bit to include Edward in more scenes. :/ They said that he is definitely one of the main characters in the movie still.

Brooke Ann Dove said...

I heard that, too. That's kind of a bummer, not that Edward isn't great and all. Sometimes people should take less liberties with books people adore. But he is a pretty face and he sells tickets!