Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Double Tap Tuesday

For this installment of Double Tap Tuesdays I would like to invite you to two of my favorite websites to help with you holiday shopping.

Fred Flare is a wonderful website with the cutest gifts. It's full of great things I have never seen anywhere else. If it's an Ipod kareoke machine or a new party dress you can find it here. I have never been dissapointed with anything I have ever purchased from this site. So here are a few of my favorties for this holiday season!

Fashion Junkee is a great website that has an extensive collection of celebrity look-alike clothing, jewelry and bags. Did I mention bags? Fashion Junkee has a huge collection of designer-like handbags from all your favorites. Today was an early Christmas for me, I got the bag I ordered with some birthday money. It's awesome... it may be my new favorite. I would show you a picture but it's all sold out. But there are many people who will be recieving fabulous Fashio Junkee gifts.

Inspired by Balenciaga

Inspired by Marc Jacob

Inspired by I don't know but it's CUTE!

Inspired by Prada

So I hopefully this will help a little with your holiday shopping and just to warn you you maybe tempted to buy yourself a present or two!

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kiki said...

yay! i can't wait to check out those sites. i'm trying to figure out christmas stuffs...