Monday, November 2, 2009

Holy Crap, it's November!

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I have been a very bad blogger. I have not posted a Mix Tape Monday in months. So this is a mixtape of songs that make me wanna curl up on the coach with a hot beverage and watch the snow fall. To bad it doesn't fall here in Texas but I can pretend. Slow chill music for a slow chill day. I hope you enjoy it. It's great music to craft to, very smooth and relaxing!
So, It's November. My wonderful husband celebrated his 30th birthday this weekend! We had an absolutely wonderful time in Lubbock with all his family. His Mom and stepdad threw a great party, and as Patrick requested we had a shrimp boil and instead of cake we had a variety of super yummy pies! It was a wonderful weekend!
Another thing about November is I (and you) have exactly 53 days to get all the crafting and shopping completed by Christmas. I have started all list of things I need to purchase and things I need to start making and things I need to pick up at the store so I can start making. I am a big list maker...I have lots of lists. So to help with this crafty crunch time I have posted a couple of links with helpful tutorials ( I love people who share their tutorials, it makes the world a happier place, don't ya think?), in hopes that both you and I will be able to mark things off our lists quicker this year. Cross you heart and Kiss your elbow!

Crocheted Flower Earrings
Passport Cover
Little Bear Baby Hat
Button Brooch
Ok, these should get us started and hopefully there will be more to come.

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kiki said...

i heart that playlist! i'm going to listen to it while i get my quilt on! lol I heart tutorials too! i have a million bookmarked! I just purchased from rachel's etsy store a holiday planner, to keep me organized with all my projects! i hope it helps what do you and p want for christmas? i'm making c.cakes a guitar strap...shhhhh