Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh Crap!

There are only 10 days till Christmas. I feel so extremely behind and there is still so much to do!
  1. Ship things to my parents so they can drive them to North Carolina
  2. Buy things to ship to my parents 
  3. Finish about 3 paintings
  4. Start 2 sewing projects
  5. Send Christmas Cards.... maybe not.
  6. Do laundry so I have clothes for this weekend- The Annual Schwantz Christmas Party! yeah!
Wow, I hope some of you are ahead of me, being sick for a week just killed the momentum I had previously. But I have still made it to all the wonderful Christmas Parties!It's too late to order things now unless we priority ship so I guess I will have to shop in town. Good Luck Everyone!
P.S. I aced this semester....I am so smart!

1 comment:

kiki said...

we are in the same boat. i'm trying to make stuff but i have no time...blah...and i don't get paid again until christmas eve lol soooo i maybe shopping that day in SAville....can't wait to see you friday!!