Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Vacation Recap!

I thought since we are all coming down from a wonderful Holiday high I would share a few of my favorite moments from my Christmas Vacation. There were some serious mishaps, but also a lot of killer memories!

This was the scene out of our windshield an hour into our 4 hour drive to Fort Worth. We were stuck outside of Abilene for 4 hours... 2 jack knifed trucks (one on the highway and one on the access road) stopped everyone from going anywhere. But luckily we had GPS and backed ourselves out of this mess and on to some scary back roads to only make it to Dublin, TX (where they make Dr. Pepper) to sleep in a small little no name hotel and watch Stars Wars on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning was celebrated with V8 Fusion and beef jerky!

We finally made it to Fort Worth! And enjoyed a few hours with Chris, Julie, Daniel, and the dogs opening sockings and presents and drinking bloody mary's... I got a new backdrop stand which is super great since my old one is broken! And a marshmellow shooter, super fun! And Dan gave we a sweet Sharper Image blender/foodprocessor/mixer thing. I already mad salsa with it and it was too freaking easy. Thanks Dan! We gave Julie an Ipod nano so I spent some time helping her set up Itunes and stuff. Then we made our way to Cassidy and Sly's (Patrick's sister and husband) to drop off our bags and then pile into another car to head over to Randy and Laurie's (Patrick's aunt and uncle) for Christmas dinner. And finally when we made it back to the house we had a nice quiet Christmas evening opening presents and enjoying company... very low key which was perfect after 2 days of travel stress. Then bright and shiny we hopped our planes to North Carolina!

this lovely picture was taken by my super talented husband!
Patrick and I were the first to arrive and spent the day running errands like getting groceries and wine and finishing Christmas presents (like picking up a machete for my brothers Zombie Survival was awesome! I had every George Romero movie, the zombie survival guide, a beginner's guide to running, twinkies, beef jerky, and energy drinks, oh yeah and the machete). My aunts and uncle arrived and we chilled with them for a while waiting for my brother's plane to get in. The whole crew went to the airport to pick up Jake and Joanna... I hope he was excited I have never been met by 9 people when I got off a plane. And we all headed out to the killer beach house my mom rented to wait for my mom and dad to arrive, they showed up around 11 pm.

And unloaded the car... my dad is notorious for over doing Christmas and he did it again and I was so happy he did! We decided to have our "Christmas Morning" the next day around noon, so people could finish things for gifts. I was sad we didn't have a Christmas tree, but mom said that she couldn't fit the little tree in the car after dad packed all the luggage and gifts and food and booze. I had never seen a Ford Taurus so full!
The next morning everyone got up and ran their errands...and when we came back, my dad had purchased a tiny little tree and my mom and Joanna took the fake greenery on the entertainment canter and decorated it with quilt squares and paper snowflakes! it was awesome!

We all opened presents, ate breakfast and drank bloody marys.

This is Joanna, my brother's girlfriend and my momma!

This is my adorable cousin, Sophie. She is a milk drinker...lots of milk! She insisted to be the first picture I took with my new Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Film Camera that my dad gave me and here she is holding the picture I took. 

We had such a great time strolling the beach and shopping, we spent an afternoon making bracelets and necklaces. On our last night together we went to a Japanese steakhouse and enjoyed sushi and yummy goodness, and our chef tossed shrimp into everyone's mouths...some of us even caught it! Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip.

I put the camera between my feet and this is what I got!

My feet with my Aunt Jan in the back searching for shells.



Joanna showing off her super cute lion mittens...picture taken by my brother, Jake!

Me and Patrick freezing on the beach one morning.

Beading fun!

My Mom and Dad and Sophie, not so happy because they don't have chicken fingers here.

Uncle Roger catching shrimp in his mouth!

The whole family!

The Gore Girls

Jake and Joanna

Joanna, me, and Zombie Sophie! It was a Zombie Christmas. Chris and Julie even gave me a book of Zombie Christmas Songs.
I hope everyone's holiday was as wonderful as mine!

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