Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Double Tap Tuesday on Wednesday

Wow! I completely missed Tuesday. I am taking 9 hours which doesn't seem like a lot but when its Grad work it is. I feel like I've been reading for days. But I do like my classes but I am a self declared super nerd. I started at work then school then I was at home doing homework and then...Poof! It was Wednesday. So this is a Double Tap Tuesday: Wednesday Edition, two little things I am in love with this week. Sorry about my tardiness.

1. Hot Air Balloons!
I honestly can say where this fascination began...but knowing me I probably watched something on PBS. They are just so cool. Balloons by themselves are wonderful, but when they are extra big and can carry people... they are amazing. They are so very vintage and colorful, and at night they glow. And there is something magical about the idea of just floating away. I don't need to fly, I have no sense of urgency...I just want to float.

2. Tea Cups
I am not a big tea drinker, but I love tea cups. They are so cute and dainty and they come with saucers. I also think I am drawn to them because I watch so many damn BBC Masterpiece Theatre shows and because I read too many Jane Austen books. And I can't forget Alice in Wonderland!

Art work available here

Happy Wednesday!


kiki said...

yay i like those things too. i think a hot air balloon tattoo would be cool! anywhoooo i should be in town tues and wed, but i have to be back bright and early for work on i should be seeing you soon! xo

Brooke Ann Dove said...

I want a hot air balloon tattoo too, I swear we were separated at birth!