Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Double Tap Tuesdays!

This is a welcome back from your holiday high edition of Double Tap Tuesday! Now that the merriment of the season is dwindling there are two things that come to mind. Post Holiday Sales and New Years Resolutions.
1. Post Holiday Sales
I purchased shoes I had been waiting for all seasons at 75% off the original price at Dillards on New Years Day. I knew from last year that they have a one day only sale where you get an extra 50% off clearance. It was wonderful! Besides 2 pairs of shoes I also purchased a belt for $5 and a pair of electric blue tightsfor $3! And at JC Penny's I got a tunic, dress, and mustard cardigan for $20! Here are a few onlie Post holiday slaes worth looking into!

Extra 20% off Clearance!

80% off End of Season Clearance

They have killer shoes!


 2. New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions at least for me mean the first couple of months in the new year I will do really great at something and then it will dwindle as I get busy and start new projects. So I think this year I will make the resolution to do mini resolutions each month, smaller goals to meet big picture goals.
For January, though we 5 days in, I have a few goals to start the year off.
1. Not to miss a single Mix Tape Monday or Double Tap Tuesday blog post.
2. Workout at least 2 days a week... Big Goal: running a half marathon.
3. Journal at least twice a week... Big Goal: Complete journal of 2010
4. Study Intensively for my content tests in February... Big Goal: Becoming a Certified Teacher by August.
5. Crochet more
6. Start my new project... A picture a Day with CameraBag...my new fun iphone ap.
Starting Now!

Happy January!

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kiki said...

cute pic of you with the hk calendar! i got a chelsea and violet top at dillards 70% off! did you have a good new years? ps we set a date for the wedding, may 1st! we'll talk more about it soon! xo