Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Double Tap Tuesdays!

Here are two super great craft tutorials that I play on making this weekend. I was cruising CraftStylish.com and I found these great patterns and a whole bunch more! I have been in quite a kick since getting some new supplies for Christmas. So I hope you find these as fun at I did.
1. Super Cute Floral Headband

2. Sweater Boots!

Upcycled sweater boots made from a pair of old flats and sleeves of an old sweater...Genius! I already went out and bought two sweaters to give this a try...Wish me luck!
Go here for the tutorial.

1 comment:

kiki said...

OoOOOooo i want to make those sweater boots! tell me how yours turn out! i will be down on the 27th! can't wait to hang out! miss you!