Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Double Tap Tuesdays!

Welcome to another edition of Double Tap Tuesdays... I start school again today and I can't decide if I am excited or not. Right now it is just an interruption in my day when I am trying to get work done. But I am taking Young Adult Literature and I am super excited about that. Bring on the Books! So Today I thought I would share some of my favorite Young Adult/Children's Books.
1. YA Lit Books

Harry Potter Series

Twilight Series

Out of all of them, I think Eclipse is my favorite.

Summer of My German Soldier

The Westing Game

Alice in Wonderland


And it's a wonderful movie!

That seems like a pretty good list to get you started if you felt like reading!

2. Cats!

I know its a horribly bad photo, but this was our cat when we returned from dinner last night. He was sleeping before I snapped the picture, but seemed slightly annoyed when I moved closer. So here is a collection of funny cat pictures to get you through the day.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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