Monday, January 18, 2010

Mix Tape Monday!

Good Morning! Today's mix tape is not super mixy. After seeing Twilight for the first time I fell in love with the opening song of Bella holding her small potted cactus out in the desert sun and it continued to play while she was on the plane headed towards Forks. Since then I have done a bit of research and discovered The Black Ghost, a awesome duo from England, who have lately become my new favorite band! And they put singles out on vinyl which makes me super extra happy! Don't be discouraged by their skulls and stuff, their songs make me want to dance!


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kiki said...

haha i like that song too, but i didn't know who sang it. it plays at work all the time and makes me want to watch twilight when i hear it...can't wait to check out their other stuff! xo

kiki said...

ps after checking the album out on itunes, i realized we play most of this album at work haha