Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Double Tap Tuesdays!

I am totally in love with this picture!
It has absolutely nothing to do with this entry but I stumbled upon it and wanted to share.

1. Patchwork Scottie Pillows by Denyse Schmidt
Click here to check out this super cute tutorial!

2. My Family
I really, really miss my family ,right now! It was so wonderful to spend Christmas together, but it wasn't long enough. And with school being as hectic as it is, I just want to come home to the sound of my mom sewing, my dad playing with the dog, and my brother banging on the drums. For some reason, that is still home to me even though I haven't lived/heard that in 10 years. And now that we are so far apart I feel so disconnected from everything that they have going on. My mother is always at her quilting guild meetings, my dad is cruising around the country on business, and my brother is plugging away at school work at Purdue. I just want us to be all together again with our happy editions to our family... even though I miss home bunches, I could not imagine my life without my wonderful husband. Sometimes I wonder if he misses his family as much as I miss mine or if I'm just being a girl. And Jake has his Joanna, who is as much apart of my family as I am. Ugh! I'm kinda depressed, now I am going to read my grammar homework and write a paper. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

grrfeisty said...

haha is the "double tap" in reference to zombieland? i love that movie.

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Yes, I LOVED that movie, and I am kinda obsessed with Zombie flicks!