Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Double Tap Tuesday: Happy St. Patrick's Day

I know what you're thinking...She's late again with her double tap tuesday post, but I promise you it was totally on purpose because it's St. Patrick's Day. It's a big deal in our home because I married a Patrick! And this morning when I asked if he was going to wear green her replied " My name is Patrick, I don't have to do's my day." He's so humble, my baby. So, to everyone out in blogland Happy St. Patricks Day! And instead of a true double tap tuesday, I thought I would share some things that will make you smile on this lovely day.

Here he is the man himself!

I would love to own a pair of these

I wish my yard looked like this

Crafty Green Goodness

Tonight I will have one of these!

And to end this Irish-y post with a poem by one of my favorite Irish poets, William Butler Yeats

           by: W.B. Yeats
      LL the heavy days are over;
      Leave the body's coloured pride
      Underneath the grass and clover,
      With the feet laid side by side.
      One with her are mirth and duty;
      Bear the gold-embroidered dress,
      For she needs not her sad beauty,
      To the scented oaken press.
      Hers the kiss of Mother Mary,
      The long hair is on her face;
      Still she goes with footsteps wary
      Full of earth's old timid grace.
      With white feet of angels seven
      Her white feet go glimmering;
      And above the deep of heaven,
      Flame on flame, and wing on wing.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

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{eleise} said...

lovely greens!

ps. I wanna wear those shoes too! =) & not just on St. Patrick's Day!