Monday, March 29, 2010

Mix Tape Monday

Welcome to Monday Everyone! In my inbox on Sunday, my dad sent me a sweet video of my mother at her sewing machine making bias tape. By the way mama, your quilt room looks amazingly organized and I like your sewing machine looking out the window. While my dad was out of town my mother pulled everything out of her sewing room and cleaned and reorganized and moved everything back in. Great job Mama!
My mother is an amazing quilter. I am her selfish daughter who wants everything she makes. Patrick and I already have 4 quilts that she has created and I always want whatever she is working on. I am slowly becoming a better at sewing, but I have a ways to go.

Last week I picked up the new She and Him album. And even though I was not super impressed with her live, not because of her singing ability, but because she was kinda boring. Please don't be made at me all you Zooey lovers. I still love her onscreen. This album is wonderful and I am already humming it while grocery shopping. I don't care if everyone thinks I'm crazy. I do have to say that at SXSW she played the cutest little electric ukulele, which you can hear on this's wonderful!
And now your mix tape...
I am currently reading The Realm of Possiblity by David Levithan and in one of the poems called escapade. Lily wrote this poem about how her friend, Jed, plans an afternoon to cheer her up. And she talks about how his mix tapes have themes and the one they are listening to in the car is started by these first four songs and then I just continued the theme of bridges.

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my name is lauren. said...

i haven't listened to the new she & him album, but i really do love them. sad to hear she's not so exciting live. i do love me some zooey, but i'm more of an on-screen zooey fan, like yourself :).


Lost In Reverie said...

that is so cute that you want to keep all of the quilts your mom creates. it makes sense to me, because my mom quilts too!! it is like a piece of her sewn in each one!

I am so excited that you have music monday! ~ love it!!

Jo said...

I love how kindly your mum looks in the video. Aw... How I wish I knew how to sew. It's really neat having a sewing corner sewing fabrics after fabics, be it clothes or quilts. I blame myself for having more interest in cooking class as opposed to sewing class back in school. =)