Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mimosas and Mosaics

Photos by my wonderful and loving husband, Patrick...check out his blog here!

Saturday morning, I went to the Art in Uncommon Places warehouse to glue lots of broken tiles to an old rusted out car. I had so much fun! It was part of our Done in a Day project for Junior League. We were worked in 2 hour shifts and drank mimosas and margaritas. On my side of the car was Haley (in blue) and Carrye (not pictured), and there's me in the stripes. We had so much fun hammering tiles and glueing bits and talkin' it up. There are several cars each with a different theme. The cars are going to line the street leading to the new fabulous park where I studied today.
I know you guys are so jealous. You all want to spend a Sunday afternoon reading Rhetorical Grammar. I also went to the Friends of the Library Book Sale, and I made out like a bandit! I found a children's book written by Mark Twain and a graphic novel about the Holocaust. I also got the anniversary edition of On Writing Well which I was super excited about. I am such a nerd! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


kiki said...

that mosaic looks super awesome! i wish i got to read outside today! i had to work booo! im off on tuesday and i plan to mail you some happy mails! ps i miss your face too!

{eleise} said...

wow! That is an amazing mosaic!