Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Double Tap Tuesday

Good afternoon cats and kittens! Today has been a very long day and it's not even close to over. I feel exhausted both physically and mentally. But I thought I would share somethings that make me happy today.

1. Childhood Adventures
Remember when everyday was an adventure?  We imagined ourselves to be anything and be anywhere.
We were adventurers!
Some of my favorite books are childhood adventures.
I would love to fly, or fall, or be transported by twister.

I've had my record player for years now, but my sad record collection is slow to grow. I remember Sunday mornings my dad would wake up, make coffee, and start the record player. Loggins and Messina would play and we would dance with my toes in his belt loops. And Mama would put on the soundtrack to Footloose when she cleaned the house. Somehow, I need to steal my parents record collection.
 Look at the amazing things people do with records.
Beautiful red lips again.
All images: weheartit
 Happy Tuesday! 


kiki said...

yay for records. i own 1 and no record player lol...i wish they would rerelease peter pan...i need that movie! see ur face soon!

Pigwidget said...

Love 'Alice', and that wave of vinyl is amazing!