Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Double Tap Tuesday

Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentleman. It's a bright sun shiny day and I have a new Double Tap Tuesday post to entertain your senses!
1. Cowboy Boots!
Being a Texas transplant, as I like to call myself, I have learned that cowboy boots are not reserved for your Dances and Rodeos...Oh, No... They are everyday informal and even formal foot wear. I am a fan of this for many reasons. First , I love boots of all kinds. Second, they are super comfortable. And lastly, they look so cute with a wedding dress, as many of my brides choose to wear. Including my dear friend Shawna, who will be married on Saturday wearing a pair of boots I gave her 3 years ago! And I will get to attend a wedding finally and sport the sun dress and cowboy boots look! 

2. Braids
I am in love with wearing braids. Loose side braids, braided Frida up-do braids, Dorothy braids...You name it. I think if it's hot on Saturday I will be wearing some kinda braid.

So there you have it, Cats and Kittens. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday...I hope it is filled with giggles and gummy bears!

1 comment:

kiki said...

yay! I heart both of those things and both will be on me at the wedding lol! i can't wait to see you and P! did you find some boots? or do you need to borrow a pair?