Monday, April 19, 2010

Mix Tape Monday

This past Saturday, Tracy and I took our content test for English Language Arts 8-12. You are given 5 hours to take the test and I used 4 hours and 15 minutes. Tracy finished before me but we caught up later and found that we had the same prompt for our essay portion. Afterward, my head felt fried. When you spend 4 hours first thing in the morning thinking critically and analyzing literature, you need a mindless diversion to give your brain a break. I went to the thrift store! I picked up a beautiful silk sweater and a white cardigan to wear with my dress when Shawna gets married next Saturday!! I am so excited! Later that evening, Tracy and I treated ourselves to Olive Garden, super yummy! And we hopped on over to the local bookstore to check out the reads. And Tracy found this nerf sword and smacked me with it...Ouch! And it took a good while for her to trust me enough not to hit her back before she let me handle the sword. I just wanted to take a picture!

Sunday, Study Buddy Tracy and I went up to Baker Street to work on our Multigenre Projects for our Young Adult Literature class. Brian, another classmate, stopped by to see  how we were coming along. We did really well and took up a whole table full of my portable art supplies. It was too much fun!

Maybe Slightly Unrelated...
Since I have been working on my multigenre project, one of the items I made was a mixed CD one of the characters in my book created for another character to cheer her up. My friends and I in high school made mixed tapes (I'm kinda old) all the time.  We were completely into chick rock. I had secret dreams of learning guitar and running off to join Lilith Fair. The following list are artists that frequented our mixed tapes.

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