Monday, April 12, 2010

Mixtape Monday

After a very uneventful weekend full of 6 hour study sessions with Tracy, I feel like I should be smarter...but I don't. We are preparing for our 8-12 English Language Arts content test that we will be taking this Saturday (cross your heat and kiss your elbow!). I feel extremely overwhelmed and on top of studying for this huge career changing test, I have the rest of my class load to worry about. I am just a big ball of worry.
These are my insides...big messy ball of worry!

But, Tracy and I did take a break from our hours of studying to hit up the thrift stores! I found a new suit for $4.99 and a Banana Republic cardi in a beautiful rich teal color. Plus, I found a few YA Lit novels I had been looking for and a super vintage copy of Scarlet Letter , ran through a press and can feel the indention on the page from the press. I was super excited...$1.00 and inside someone had try to sell it at an antique store or something for $100.
I also am kind of obsessed with my new iPhone app...Hipstamatic. It is awesome! And for a limited time is only $1.99.
Isn't it great!

Alright Finally, your Monday mix tape! Since I am having trouble relaxing this is a list of relaxing songs. Some of these songs have been featured before on my other playlists...I have comfort songs...just like comfort food. I hope your Monday is not too Monday-ish and that we all have a wonderful week. Everybody...cross your fingers!

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...on the brink of something beautiful said...

sooo many great bands and songs!!! :)
lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Is it a Praxis?

Brooke Ann Dove said...
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