Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Semester Bites the Dust!

Because we are super geeks, my Grammar classmates and I worked together to create a shirt with our Grammar professor's catch phrases. The front of the shirts display the phrase: It Depends. Which was Dr. Musgrove's answer to most of our questions. The back says Questions are Good Things...his personal mantra so we would not be afraid to ask question in class. And my personal favorite: Grammar is Sexy!
One day while we were working silently, Dr. Musgrove said "Isn't Grammar sexy?" And apparently to me and my classmates it is! So we had the shirts made and all wore them today to our final where we presented Dr. Musgrove with his very own It Depends shirt.Thanks to Dr. Musgrove for a wonderful semester, but I am glad it's over.
CONGRATS CLASS OF 2010... it's not me, but you deserve a round of applause!

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