Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Double Tap Tuesday: Mom Edition

Good Morning, cats and kittens. Welcome to another Double Tap Tuesday! Because I can't stop talking about my trip back home, today's post is about my two favorite things to do with my mama which I will be enjoying in just 2 days! My mother is my best friend and mentor and therapist and my everything. I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with my mother.

1. Thrifting!

I fly into Indianapolis and after lunch, we will hit a couple of thrift shops before we drive back to Fort Wayne. The Goodwill in Zionsville, my hometown, never lets me down. I am always on the lookout for boots, books, and dresses. Oh, and vintage kitchen goodies and vintage clothing patterns. My mom searches for handmade quilts, jars of buttons, and VHS tapes (her quilting room still has a working VHS player). For us, it's like a treasure hunt... searching row after row to find that one super great item. I usually thrift alone here, but when I go home I get to hunt with my mom and that makes it twice as fun!

2. Sewing
My mother is a master quilter and genius crafter. And it is so important for me to learn all the tricks of the trade that her mother passed down to her and that she will pass down to me. I am so afraid that these skills will be lost in the society of instant gratification. Wow, that was kinda serious... plus we just have a blast sit in her quilt room with African Queen  or Overboard playing on the VHS just sewing our little hearts out. And my mother has enough sewing machines to go around. I know I've posted it before...but here is my precious mother in action.

I'll see you in a couple of days, Mama!

I can't wait to do my favorite things with my favorite person... What are some of the things that you do with your Mom?


Hearthandmade said...

i love the sewing pictures!! I dont get to do a lot with my mum really but i like to go shopping with her and even just spending time watching tv is important :)

Nancy said...

That is so sweet that you have a great relationship with your mom. Sounds like you've already got a guaranteed good time. ;)