Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going Home

In a week, I will be going home to see my family and attend the Indianapolis 500. I am so excited. I have not been home since this time last year and my mom and I are going to attend Thirsty Thursday/$1 beer night at the ball park for a manly girls night out. Living in Texas, it is hard to make the trip to Indiana and back, but living out in the middle of no where Texas makes it extra hard because we have to take an extra day off to be able to drive ourselves to a decent airport. It sinks.
But because I am excited, I have already begun visualizing what I will be packing. So this is what I will probably be wearing on the plane. If my tan in a can is able to turn my pasty white legs into a less albino version of what they are now. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm trying something's Jergen's and it's foamy.

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