Monday, May 10, 2010

Mix Tape Monday

I spent a glorious weekend editing senior portraits and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This was my first free weekend in months, so I didn't feel too lazy being a bum. It was much deserved and now I will be working on the finishing details for my portfolios for school.
I also think I have come to the decision...don't hate me... that as far as human/vampire relationships go, I vote Buffy and Angel or even Buffy and Spike over Bella and Edward. And it may be for this simple fact: Buffy saves the world and does what she has to to protect humanity aka kills vampires. But she also will do what it takes to save her man (She makes Angel almost suck her dry in Season 3 because slayer blood is the antidote for vamp poison).
Bella whines.
Don't hate me, I still love the books and mostly like the movies (Eclipse will seal the deal if I like or dislike the the movie franchise). But when it comes down to it...Buffy carries a stake and knows how to use it. And that is my little rant about the heated national debate concerning the best human/vampire romantic relationship.

On to music...
I love Elliot Smith! And this morning when I got in my car to make the short drive to work, my favoritest Elliot Smith Song began to play, Between the Bars. So I had a lovely calming drive to the office and that is what inspired my short play list for today Mix tape Monday. Oh Elliot how I love thee!

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Mrs. Miller said...

i heart buffy and i agree about the vampire issue lol at least buffy kicks ass! i heart elliot smith too! have a good day! wish me luck on getting this multicultural assignment done! ugh!

Katie said...

1. Buffy & Spike > Buffy & Angel any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
2. Agreed. Bella is a whiner. KStew as Bella is nearly unbearable. The only bright spot is Rob. When he's not talking. When he's just sitting still and looking pretty.
3. You have good taste in TV. There was a time that I could name every single BtVS episode ever. And I miiiight collect Buffy action figures. Let's be BFF.