Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Day I'll Breathe

This weekend was a whirlwind. Friday drive to Lubbock to put finishing touches on wedding goodness. And Saturday 8am hair appointment for the sweet bride. Then we actually got to relax at Sugar Brown's coffee shop for a whole hour. Then the speedy excitement of getting ready. The ceremony was so sweet and I couldn't be more happy for Clint and Shawna.

The groom shot a picture of me...hey guys!

Sunday, we drove to Dallas so I could attend the Arlington Job Fair on Monday. It was insane. I was only able to see 6 out of 37 districts. There were about a 1000 plus teachery types looking for employment. It was a learning experience...I met alot of wonderful people who will one day become excellent teachers. I just hope to be one of them. I got to hang out with my old roomate from photography school, Kate, and her sister Becky (hey Becky!) who were also on the job hunt. My recommendation for others thinking about attending the Arlington Job Fair...apply online, which is what every representitive told me after I got through the hour long wait to wow them smile and up beat attitude.

Now on to Happier things...

I'm so into the 60's right now

I want to ride motorbikes on the beach!

Sorry if there are an obscene amount of typos...I should really be sleeping.

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Mrs. Miller said...

yay for everything! pics are awesome!