Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Travel Post...

I am probably on a plane right now...I am traveling today from Dallas, Texas to Cleveland, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana! I am extremely excited as most of you already know to see my family and be back in Indiana. I know most people don't find Indiana a place to be overly excited about but I do love it. So I thought I might share some of my favorite places I have been and a few places I hope to go.


 Birth place of James Dean and Me!

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

 My aunt lived on a beautiful piece of land on Lake Michigan. We would spend summers there on the beach and in the afternoon, pick wild strawberries and lay around in the hammock. I loved her house...she didn't even own a TV until I was 16 years old. We were always outside collecting driftwood and beach glass or creating some wonderful piece of art  from stuff found in the woods.

 Outside our apartment window
Me sitting in Alice's lap in Central Park...
Some German tourists also took pictures of me up on the mushroom. I guess they have never seen a grown woman climb a bronze statue before. We spent Christmas in New York and it was exactly what I thought it should be, but it didn't snow (the snow was already on the ground when we got there).

Yellowstone National Park
My mother and I stopped in Yellowstone on our way up to Montana and it was amazing this shot was taken at Canary Springs which looks beautiful but smell horrid because its a sulfur spring. Yuck! While in Yellowstone we saw Old Faithful and drank some hot chocolate in the lodge, and we were stuck in a traffic jam caused by bison napping in the middle of the road!

British Virgin Islands
I have only been to the British Virgin Islands once, but it was amazing. My in laws rent a sailboat and we island hop for a week. The water is crystal clear and if I was smart I took my motion sickness medicine as soon as I got up. But my weak stomach could not stop me from having the time of my life! They will be returning to the islands this summer and my husband is going too, but I will be staying here because I have to take summer classes. So sad.


I was lucky enough to have amazing parents who surprised me with a trip to France with my French Class. I was fifteen so I am itching to go back, especially now that I have all this photographic training. My favorite places in France were Paris, Chartes, and Saint Malo. I visited Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde's graves, eat Crepes from stands on street corners, shopped in little boutiques, and bought cherries from a roadside stand in the middle of the French country side. Oh, and I saw the Mona Lisa...she was smaller than I imagined. It was an amazing experience and I am trying desperately to get back!

Places I want to go...

Great Britain
Edinburgh, Scotland
London, England
Because I am so obsessed with everything English, I want to see poets and author homes, and drink in the same pubs they did. And I don't think I could go to just England, I have to do the entire tour of Great Britain. I want to walk along the moors and see Derbyshire and go to Bath. I want to go to Loch Ness and Loch Lommand and see the land my ancestors roamed. I want to drink tea in England and my husband wants to drink Guinness in Ireland. We have big plans for Great Britain...we just have to get there.

 I just want to go to Japan. I think it would be amazing! I love their street fashion and how colorful everything is. And I would love to take the train to some of the temples outside of the city. Plus, Japanese food is by far my favorite food!

 How could you not want to go to a place like this?

  I want to put my hands and feet in prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, but not Audrey Hepburn's because (can you believe it) she doesn't have a set. So Sad! The guy who played C-3PO has his done but not Holly Golightly. Anyway...I also want to sit in a cafe and see John Cusak skate by on his long board, shop at Fred Segal, and possibly have a cocktail at the Viper Room. It's not to much to ask, right?
My brother has an internship in California this summer, maybe I can figure out a way to get over there and then just one more marked off my traveling list!

 What's on your traveling list? Where do you want to go?


Mrs. Miller said...

have fun with your family!!! and no going to france or japan without me! :)

Cole said...

everywhere you just listed. great photos. lovely blog. :)
nicole visiting from

Anonymous said...

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