Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Double Tap Tuesday!

Wow, I feel like I haven't posted a Double Tap Tuesday in forever! I have been in class getting all learned. So please, please send happy job thoughts my way in hopes of a big move for the fall, thanks bunches. Now on to the show!

1. Zombie Haiku
As a tribute to my newest English buddy Garrett, I am including some of the samples he used in his teaching lesson for our wonderfully stressful 2 weeks of intensive education classes. Each of us were asked to teach a 40 minute lesson pertaining to our future content area (both Garrett and I are English/Journalism nerds). Garrett delighted us all with an intro to the Japanese haiku poem and we all pretended to be 7th graders.
Here is the rad video he used in his presentation:

Then he took us outside to be one with nature and to help us write our own haiku poems. Here are mine:

Choirs of birds sing
Declarations of morning
Heat will bring silence.

Blades of grass tickle
Blue skies flow like rivers
Sending storm clouds home.

Breeze sweeps lonely air
Leaves dance in the morning tree
Summer heat kills all.

So, I discovered that I really don't like Texas summers! Then we all went inside and illustrated our haiku poems and shared them with the class. It was a fun lesson! Thanks Garrett.

2. Vintage Hot Pots
While thrifting with my mother in Fort Wayne, I came upon the cutest little hot pot from the 70's. And to my surprise it had never been used! I plan on having a little hot pot in my room at my desk so I can keep the tea a-flowin' while teaching. And because of this small treasure I found discarded on a shelf, I have become fascinated with the little gadgets.

 This one is mine!

In case you love Hello Kitty, and who doesn't?

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and that everyone's week is going smoothly and without issue! I am about to head over to the library to finish some homework and look studious!

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