Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Tap Tuesday

I hope everyone is having a fine Tuesday. Work has been busy, busy and I am trying to get ahead on school work. I miss relaxing summers. Today's Double Tap Tuesday is total product placement. These are two products I really want to try.

These amazing hair accessories were inspired by the twisty ties that come with garbage bags. They claim to work with thin or thick hair, and my hair is super think. Trash Ties come in a variety of colors and in 2 sizes: 4" and 25". I am leaning toward the 25" so I can use it as a headband. And thankfully, each product comes with a 16 pages style guide. I am really contemplating ordering one. If anyone has tried it let me know what you think.


I really want this book! Check it out on Amazon it is full of techniques and inspirations. I am trying really hard to rejuvenate my self creatively and get back into art journaling. Since, I started going back to school, I have lost my evenings to homework when I used to paint and journal and make a mess. But last nigh I completed I task I've been working on for a week, I gesso-ed an entire notebook to get ready for the collision of colors and words I have prepared for it! It may seem like a small step, and I usually gesso a few japes then do some journal work. But with my time constraints so tight, I thought if I have all the pages gessoed, I can get down to business when the muse strikes.

Well it was short and sweet...Happy Double Tap Tuesday, Folks!

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