Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy 200th Post

This is my 200th post! I feel like I've reached a milestone in my blogging career, or something. In celebration of my 200th post, I gave my blog a little make over. I was thinking about doing my very first give away but I going to wait and save that for after my California trip so I can give away goodies picked up in Hollywood.
So instead today's post is just pretty pictures and yummy thoughts.

 Enjoying a field of 200 poppies

200 pages of a really great book!

200 cups of Lady Grey tea with matching treats

A stack of 200 polaroids

And completely random...
My favorite movie with 200 in the title: 200 Cigarettes

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


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alovelylittleworld said...

Congrats! Lovely celebratory post!