Monday, July 12, 2010

Mix Tape Monday: Stress Reducing

Breathe. I just need to remind myself. Welcome to Summer II, the second installment of my summer classes. After I attended the orientation meetings for my classes, I realized I have a lot of work to do, especially because I am leaving a week before the semester ends to go see my brother in California. I have a bunch of papers to write and two texts to read. It's only a little deceiving because my classes for Summer I were less demanding. So if you hear my freaking out....just remind me to breathe. And, here is my stress reducing play list.

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On a happier note...I spent Sunday afternoon with Ashley and TJ Hill. I shot their wedding last summer and they just had a beautiful baby boy, Chandler. He just turned 4 weeks old today, and he is just the sweetest little fella. So, here are just a couple of shots from my time with them.

In shopping news, I order myself a Kelly Moore B-Hobo Camera Bag! I am super excited because this will be on my side when I go to California at the end of the month! It's soooo cute and the interior is built for your DSLR.
Happy Monday Everyone!

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