Monday, August 30, 2010

Mixtape Monday

It seems like ages since I posted a play list. Life has been slightly hectic. I have started the fall semester which translates to a new level of stress stitched into my daily life. My best friend here in San Angelo is getting married, so we had a weekend adventure to the big city to pick out a wedding dress. She found her dress at the first store in a matter of 45 minutes. Jamie did her research and knew exactly what she wanted. Five years ago when I was shopping, I was lost. It was a very fun trip...we found her shoes, too. Her wedding attire was done in a weekend. Now on to the bridesmaids, that's me. Here are my choices:
Toast and Nutella

I will have the skirt altered for more of a pencil skirt style.
I'm a big fan of option A, but we will see. Jamie's colors are Toast and Nutella...Yummy!

Today's playlist is just some chill music to start a new semester or season fresh. I love fall it is by far my favorite seasons as I 'm sure you've read before. I'm super excited because I get to go home to see my best friend from high school get married the first weekend in October. A beautiful wedding sprinkled with fall colors. So here are a couple of tunes that call for crisp fall air and a cup of apple cider...and maybe a cozy sweater.

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Happy Monday Everyone!

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