Monday, September 13, 2010

11/30: A letter to a childhood bully

Dear You (I won't reveal your name because you might have turned out to be an alright person),
   I have always been a skinny girl, it's in my nature (thanks, papa), but I eat regularly and even indulge in the occasional fast food. In the sixth grade, you and your friends decided to make this attribute something I felt shameful about. You spread rumors that I was anorexic. You made statements at lunch that I was just going to throw up everything I ate. But, the day you decided to buy extra lunches and place them in front of me at the lunch table was the worst and the whole cafeteria watched as you stated "I just want to make sure she eats." Your and your friends made me ashamed of myself.

   Sadly, our twelve-year-old selves were ignorant. I didn't not understand that you might have been jealous of me, or just wanted to show you had power over other people. You may not have understood, that adolescents can be lanky and awkward through no fault of their own.
   You may have hurt me in the past, but I'm sure others hurt you.  I hope that when you become a mother you try to teach your children about people differences and encourage acceptance. I promise I will do the same. Childhood is rough enough without having to worried about what your peers will say at lunch.


P.S. I'm still skinny.

That's me on the right...It's sock hop night. And yes that is a camera in my hand.

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