Monday, September 13, 2010

12/30: My Favorite Bands

Oh, I love music sooooooo much. So choosing just 5 will be difficult. Here we go!

Super awesome band from Indianapolis, Indiana (shout out). Just released an other album called Buzzard and are about to go on tour. My little brother introduced me to them years ago and I was hooked. They have a trumpet player, electic cello, player, and Kasey, the crazy percussionist who plays a giant marching band bass drum. I have seen them every time they come to Texas...the last time was on my birthday! This year, they are playing Dallas on my anniversary...can I get my husband to go? It'll take a lot of coaxing.

You may have heard him on the Twilight soundtrack...Flightless Bird, prom, the end...ring any bells? Samuel Beam, originally from South Carolina but currently lives outside of Austin, Texas, released his first album in 2002. I love to play Iron and Wine when I am journaling, its mellow and  relaxing and beautiful.

This is a high school band that I simply can't let go of. In the car, windows down, driving at night, and singing at the top of my myself. Amy and Emily met in grade school and have been making music ever since. Sadly, I have never seen them, but they still tour so their is a chance.

 Only two albums and we are in love. Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward make the amazing duo of She and Him. I saw them this year at SXSW; not the greatest show (she was an hour late and it was frezing), but I still love her, I mean them.

4. The Black Ghosts
Also on the Twilight Soundtrack (Full Moon, the first song..Bella is leaving Arizona), this UK duo creates amazing dance music. I play it really load in the car and when I clean house.

5. Death Cab for Cutie 

Both my husband and I love them. Again, another band I haven't seen, maybe I should check their schedule.

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I have left out thousands of my favs...but when it comes down to the top 5...this is what ya get.

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Louise said...

I LOVE the Indigo Girls, too! I have covered so many of they're songs. "Power of Two" is possibly the best love song ever.