Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15/30: Where Would You Go?

So today's blog challenge prompt is: Where would you go if you could leave today?

I'm Scottish and married myself a Scottish man (well, in heritage). There are places their I have wanted to see all my life and the bonus is that I don't have to learn a new language. Not that I'm opposed, but it makes travel easier. 
I have a plan all lined up. Now I just need money.

I would start in Edinburgh for a couple of days and stay at a guest house. Enjoy the shops, parks, and culture. I totally want to take a haunted tour and go to Edinburgh Castle. And hike up Arthur's Chair and take a bus out to Rosslyn Chapel and tour that as well.

Rosslyn Chapel

We would then take a day trip to go visit Loch Lommond. Both my family and my husband's family come from that area. It's a beautiful national park.

Loch Lommond
And I don't think I could go to Scotland without going to Loch Ness. Because I'm kind of in love with the idea of Nessie.
I also want to go up to up to the Isle of Sky. They filmed scenes for Stardust here...and I love that movie!

So, If I could leave today. I would be going to Scotland...Wanna come?


Patrick Dove said...

Yes, yes I do.

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Ahh, baby of course your coming.

beka*b said...

Excellent choice :) The downside of living so far away now is that it's not so easy to just go and visit. I kick myself for not making the effort to do the Highlands (what I call 'real' Scotland), before emmigrating :( May be one day I will get the chance...?