Friday, September 17, 2010

17/30: A photo that makes you cry

Little bro
little bro

This picture is about 15 years old. My little brother, Jake, and our dog, Nutmeg. It's amazing to think of Jake so small and young when he is such a strapping lad now. This photo doesn't make me cry sad tears, it's more for tears of joy that my little brother grew up to be such an outstanding man. He will be graduating from college in December and has already been offered a job.
It doesn't seem that long ago when I could get him away from me. I'm so thankful that he and I grew up and out of our bickering ways. I'm sure my parents are thankful for that as well. It's hard living so far away from my family and sometimes I feel like I don't know what's going on with him at all. But, when we talk on the phone we talk for hours. I can't wait to see him walk the stage at Purdue University...Boiler Up!

Nutmeg, the cutest dalmatian ever, didn't have black spots. She was a liver spot dalmatian and her spots were brown. She was a complete mess as a puppy; she ate everything from tissues to shoes and hair ties and money which got her the nickname from my mother, the damn dog. But, as she grew older she became a wonderful dog. She would smile when you walked in the door which scared some people because she looked like she was going to attack you. She also though she was married to my father. When I would hug my dad, she would wedge herself in between me and him. She was a great dog to the very end and loved taking naps...she didn't even mind being the pillow.

I'm crying a little bit...Sniff.

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Mrs. Miller said...

its so cute him using the puppy as a pillow. my pups are too tiny for that but they make good lil feet heaters :)