Sunday, September 19, 2010

18/30: A letter to someone you miss

Dear Photo Friends from Montana,
Ohhh, I miss you.
I miss being surrounded by people who shared my passion and provided a support group. I miss our photo safaris off in the middle of the woods. I miss our afternoons at Liquid Planet loading up on coffee and our evenings at The Palace shooting pool.

I was amazed at the creativity and talent that surrounded me and I'm sad we are spread so thinly across the country. One day we will get our dates in order and have a reunion.

Kate- I miss your morning Dr. Pepper and our Harry Potter posters. oh, and your love for moose.
Joe- I miss our bickering and your Safari Van. And your apartment that didn't need an air conditioner.
Mark- I miss your vast knowledge of cool music and drinking wine on your roof.
Ashleigh- I miss your infinite creativity and love of Morrissey.
Holly- I miss your laugh and your strength against sorrow.
Bob- I miss your knowledge of life and your un-judging advice.

Thank you for the hours of flipping through slides and judging test strips, the camping trips both successful and unsuccessful, and the laughs we shared in a little town called Missoula.

Love juice and I mean it!

1 comment:

Kate said...

I miss you too!

This post makes me want to go back so bad. I LOVE all of my RMSP friends.

The sad part morning Dr. Peppers have turned into Diet Dr. Peppers. :)

I hope to see you sometime soon!