Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22/30: Nicknames and Why You Have Them

Nicknames... some people have super cool nicknames and some have names they are completely embarrassed to be called. Luckily for me, my nicknames are pretty standard.

Punkin- My daddy calls me punkin. When I turned sixteen, he got me a vanity license plate that read: PUNKIN 1. I still have it. No one else calls me punkin except my dad and I like it that way. Maybe that's why I like everything pumpkin flavored.

Fredd- Yep, Fredd with 2 d's. When I became a camp counselor, the group I was inducted with all decided to go by their boy friends' names while they were at camp. I didn't have a boy friend, so I chose a generic boy name. I'm not sure where the extra d came from exactly, but all the other counselors convinced the campers that my real name was Fredricka. They would even send care packages to camp with that name on the box. It was really cute.

Hercules- This nick name I got in high school, after the Nutty Professor movie came out. You know the scene where they are all sitting around the dinner table and the mother was so proud of her foo devouring youngest son and she claps he hands and says, "Hercules, Hercules!" Well, when you say my first name (Brooke) and my then last name (Gillies) together really fast it sounds like Hercules. And it was kind funny because I was very scrawny.

Smalls/Twigs- Both of these names I got when I worked at a skate shop in college. One of the guys there loved the movie Sandlot and he would always say "You're killing me, Smalls" and that phrase was usually directed at me. So it just stuck. Twigs came from a new line of decks that came out that were smaller and lighter, designed for the younger skaters. People just started calling me Twigs.

River- My roommate Michelle gave me this name. My first name is Brooke. Brook is a small stream or river, as you know, so she just started calling me River and I started answering.

I don't really have any nick names now, besides my daddy's. And you can't really give yourself a nickname..that's kinda weird. My husband and I just call each other baby or babe, that's kinda lame. My parents call each other Sunshine and Boo. Maybe I need to get a little more creative with the names.

You've got a nickname. I know you do. What is it? Who gave it to you?

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