Thursday, September 2, 2010

2/30: The Meaning Behind Your Name

Hi! My name is Brooke. Through the my amazing research techniques (googling: name origins), I have discovered that my name is English in origin and means one who lives near a brook. The name Brook is given to both males and females, but the variant Brooke is mainly female. Brooke became popular in the 1950s due to the American socialite Brooke Astor, and gained even more popularity during the 1980s thanks to Brooke Shields.
Brooke Astor
Brooke Shields then and now
These facts are things anyone can find out, but the story of how I got my name is a little different. We did not live by a brook.
My parents struggled with finding a name for me, because I was a girl. Had I been born a boy, I would have been Jacob, my little brother's name. My mama liked Blaque (pronounced Blake) Noel, my father did not. So I sat in the nursery of St. Vincent's hospital without a name for days. Finally with the help of my aunt, my parents settled on Brooke Ann. Ann was for my great grandmother Anna, and Brooke was a name my aunt through in the mix (she was in her teens and I think she really liked Brooke Shields). Even though I finally received a name, my mother kept calling the nursery asking for Nicole Gillies, and the sweet nurse said, "We have a Brooke Gillies." To which my mother replied, "Yeah, that one's mine."

So that's me, just some girl who does not live by a brook but is named after someone who does and an iconic 80s model.

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