Friday, September 3, 2010

3/30: Your Friends

When it comes to friends, I am blessed to have a wonderful group of super supportive cheerleaders at my side. But besides cheering for Team Brooke, I have learned copious amounts of priceless knowledge from my dear friends over the years. I thought I should pay tribute to those who have brightened my life.

1. Mary Margaret (high school best friend and soon to be wed)- Mary taught me that coffee is a suitable drink for any time of day. She taught me how to be an adventurer. We would drive down a road just to see where it took us, singing Joni Mitchell at the top of our lungs with the Indiana breeze sweeping through her hand-me-down Camry.

2. Amanda (college roommate)- Amanda was my tour guide to Texas. She took a pale Yankee girl and taught her the native Texas ropes. Ranch dressing goes with everything. Pop is Coke no matter what brand it is. Dr. Pepper is coke, Sprite is coke, and yeah even Pepsi is coke. She taught me the joy of balancing my checkbook. She also taught me the importance to find a road buddy during a road trip.

3. Yet (class/work mentor)- Yet taught me the importance of expression. She kept a sketchbook/journal and it rubbed off on me. I've been journaling ever since. She taught me the skills of getting to meet a band after the show. She taught me to live life the way I want to and to stop worrying about what others think of me. She is an inspiration.

4. Amie (work buddy)- Amie helped me develop my relationship with God. I couldn't be more grateful. She is a beautiful example walk with the Lord. I struggled with uncertainty and feeling like I didn't belong, Amie helped me find balance through faith.

5. Shawna (arts and crafts pal)- We blog, sew, glue, and bake. We bounce ideas off each other and go to shows. We stood in the freezing cold together to see She & Him. She went and moved away and I miss her.

6. Jamie (soon-to-be bride)- Jamie reminds me to bloom where I am planted. I may not be content with living here in West Texas the rest of my life, but I can enjoy the time I spend here. She is also my organizer and a complete godsend during wedding shoots. She keeps me on track.

I have left out bunches of friends that have touched my life, don't be mad. I love all of you. And I can't wait to meet my future friends...we have so much to talk about.


Mrs. Miller said...

i miss you too! i'm on vacation i will be visiting soon!

Holly Knitlightly said...

I really enjoyed this post. :)