Saturday, September 4, 2010

4/30: About My Family

Sometimes I sit back and think how lucky I am to be a member of such an amazing family. My supportive ever-loving parents have just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. My brother just finished an internship with Sears in California. My beautiful talented husband continues to amaze me every single day. And when I married him, I became a member of two more amazing families. I'm so freakin' lucky.

My mama- Besides being a master quilter and an all-around expert crafter, she is my best friend. I go to her for advice about everything and she is my favorite travel companion. We trade books and watch horribly girly movies together. She is the only person I can thrift store shop with and not feel rushed. One day I hope to live closer to my parents again.

My papa- My #1 supporter. Sometimes I think my father's hobby is supporting his families dreams. He loves going fabric shopping with my mother and he doesn't mind when she comes home with a new sewing machine. He has funded both me and my brothers artistic passions. It was his idea to send me to photography school in Montana. His hobby is Indy racing, particularly the Indianapolis 500. Since this race is only one time a year, it leaves the 364 days to support his family. Love ya, papa.

My little brother- My music guru. My shopping partner. My sounding board. Jake works extremely hard at everything he does and has grown into a wonderful man. His girlfriend is seriously magnificent and fits him so perfectly. It has been wonderful to see him shift focus from himself to someone else.

And last but not least...

My husband- I know every wife says that her husband is the greatest man in the world, it's because each of us have found our balance in that man. I can be emotional and erratic; he is my foundation. He has the ability to listen to my ranting, agree with my irrationalities, and still find a way to make me laugh. He loves me with all my faults and supports all my endeavors. I am so blessed to have a partner in life

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