Tuesday, September 7, 2010

6/30: A song that makes you cry

My husband and I talked about this one. Some times any song can make me cry if I'm in the sentimental mood. It's my mother's fault...she's a faucet, she cries at everything. But, there is one song that when I hear it I have skip the track, change the channel, or just turn off the radio.

Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry"

Why, you ask? My father once told me that he wanted this song played and his funeral party (because he wants a huge party and not a funeral). But ever since he told me this, I have been unable to listen to this song because it makes me think of a time when my dad won't be around.

I'm definitely a daddy's girl and at an early age my dad would quiz me on music playing on the radio. My music appreciation was cultivated by my dad and he still continues to send me CD when he hears something he knows I will like.
One day we were driving in Wisconsin and he asked me to put on something from  my ipod. I selected David Bowie's Greatest Hits and low and behold my dad knew all the words. I told him I did think David Bowie was is style on music and he told me good music is good music no matter who sings it.

So thanks papa, for always having music playing in the house and for making "No Woman, No Cry" the only song I can't listen to. Love Ya!

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