Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Everyone Loves a Challenge

To welcome in the new fall season and the 30 days of September, I have decided to commit myself to a 30 day blog challenge. I know there are lots of challenges out there, I have never completed one myself, but the nice, round, even number of 30 sounded irresistible. I will blog every day during the month of September using the list have posted here on my blog. Some of the prompts I borrowed and some I created on my own, feel free to copy and paste if you feel so inclined. I even made a cute little challenge button for your blog, let me know if you are participating, won't you? Without further ado...30 days of blogging.

Day 1: 5 Interesting Facts

1. I have 2 & 1/2 Kidneys.  I am a mutant. I was born with an extra miniature kidney which caused me to be sick quite often as a child. I had surgery in 1989 and my mom gave me a present everyday I was in the hospital. My favorite gift was an Alf night gown. Remember Alf? Anyway...the surgery was a success; I still have all 2 and 1/2 kidneys and I haven't been sick (in the kidneys) since.

2. I am scared of frogs (and toads).  I had a dream when I was little that there were thousands of frogs and toads in my house, crawling from under the doors and filling up the bath tub and sinks. I tried to get out the window but there were so many, I couldn't get the window open and I could see their slimy bodies though the glass. Eek! I remember watching E.T. and having to cover my eyes when they let all the frogs escape from the science lab. In high school, I was a camp counselor at a Girl Scout camp and some how it got out that I was scared of frogs. A group of very stealthy campers hid toads in my cabin, I came in after lunch to about 10 toads sitting on my cabin floor. Laughter erupted as I ran out of my cabin screaming. I don't mind bugs, I don't mind spiders, I don't even mind snakes, but I don't like frogs.
I can't even look at a picture of a real frog!

3. I went to France in 1995. Some of you know this one already. After an impossible year of eighth grade, my parents surprised me with a trip to France with my French class. My parents are not rich, and I would have never dreamed of asking them, but they surprised me with this amazing adventure. I had a very rough year. On a band trip, I had befriended a popular girl because she was always sitting by herself and I was trying to be nice. My friends saw this act as an attempt to elevate myself into eighth grade popularity and shunned me. Girls can be so mean. So for the rest of the year, I was miserable.
My first day in Paris, straight off the plane, of was groped by a strange Frenchman on the Champs Elysees. I called my parents and wanted to come home. My mom calmed me down and told me if I left now, I'd be missing the adventure of a lifetime. She was right. I had an amazing trip and have been obsessed with anything French ever since...I can't wait to get back.

4. I secretly watch Jersey Shore. Don't hold it against me. I was outwardly against it. But then, I was stuck at home for a weekend and a marathon was airing and I was hooked. It's one catch-phrase train wreck after another. It's completely addicting. Besides, who doesn't love spray tan induced insanity? GTL, Baby, GTL!

5. I am related to Napoleon Bonaparte. Well, only through marriage. My great-grandmother Gillen did all this research on the family. She discovered that one of her great-great aunts married Napoleon's brother. So I am barely related, but it counts, even if he was kind of on the evil dictator side.

Day one complete. I had to think of something interesting, it was harder than I thought. Tune in tomorrow for day two of the 30 day challenge.


Mrs. Miller said...

i heart you! i'm going to try to do your challenge. i'll have to play catch up tomorrow :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

This is a cool challenge! I liked learning all of these things about you. :) I just started watching Jersey Shore, ha! I'm on episode 5 season 1, I think? Hahaha it's so bad it's good... ah.

And I don't mind frogs or toads but I'm terrrrrrrrrrified of snakes! I can't even look at a photo of them. AH. SO FREAKY. Terrified.

Marisa said...

Oh I absolutely love this challenge - very cool. It was fun going back and reading what you posted each day. I love your blog:-) and I'm thinking I may have to do something like this once November hits. Thanks for the inspiration:)