Friday, October 29, 2010

Are You Scared?


The best thing about Halloween is all the scary movies they play on TV. I love love love scary movies! At the ripe age of 5, I was introduced by my aunt (who was babysitting me at the time) to horror. We curled up on the couch, turned off all the lights and watch Amittyville Horror. I don't remember much of the movie, but I do remember that when my parents came home and discovered my aunt let me watch a scary movie, my mother was steamed. Maybe it's because I know my mother didn't want me watching such movies or because I'm kinda twisted, but I was addicted to horror movies.

Now, I have to make a distinction between horror and gore. Blood and guts doesn't bother me if it has a purpose, but some of the newer movies that are just montages of the thirteen most disturbing ways to kill people are not for me (Hostel and every Saw after the first one). Killing for the sake of grossing out the audience, no thank you. Killing for the sake of driving the story and scaring the pants off of me, yes please!

My favorite slasher series is Halloween. Michael Myers is freaking scary, even if he is just a white spray painted Captain Kirk. The creepiest thing...he never runs. He is almost impossible to kill (apparently beheading works) and he comes back again and again. If you haven't seen a Halloween movie, you should. We have been exposed to far scary things so these flicks shouldn't freak you out. But, I recommend starting at the beginning with the originals (you can skip the 3rd movie, it has absolutely nothing to do with Micheal Myers, weird). What about the Rob Zombie remake, you say? Eh. I saw the first one and wasn't my cup of tea...I think it's a little too dark for my taste.

My favorite horror genre is Zombies! I love zombies! And I love George Romero for giving us zombies! The original Night of the Living Dead in black and white still freaks me out..."They're coming for you, Barbara." Eeek! I love all the spin offs, Shawn of the Dead and Zombieland were excellent! Need a horribly funny/bloody/foreign  Nazi zombie flick...Dead Snow. It's German and completely ridiculous!

"So Brooke, where do you stand on the issue of zombies running?"

Well, I'm glad you asked. I am neither for nor against running zombies. In 28 Days Later, the infected run. Though they look like zombies, but they are not zombies. In the remake of Dawn of the Dead, the zombies run, fast. I saw this movie in the theater 3 times. Once with my brother, then with my boyfriend (now husband), and then with my mom. I thought it was great! Before they started running, they could over power you because of sheer numbers. Sure you could run away from a couple of fumbling zombies, but as soon as you drop your keys, BAM, 15 or so are gnawing on you innards. Slow zombies mean you can't make mistakes, which we all do because we are human. Fast zombies mean run for your life. Either way, it's cinematic fun!

So, Brooke what do you recommend watching for a good scare this Halloween?

In no particular order...

1. The Ring
2. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
3. The Omen
4. Rosemary's Baby
5. What Lies Beneath
6. Psycho
7. The Thing
8. Halloween
9. Evil Dead
10.The Descent

There is one movie that to this day freaks me out and can not watch. The Exorcist. I saw it once when it was re-released in the theater when I was in college and I will never watch it again. Too scary.

Alright, give it up... What's you favorite scary movie? How about one that scared you so bad you can't even look at a clown (yeah, It)? Or are you not a scary movie person?


kristi. renee. keim. said...

I love Scary Movies!
I haven't seen many lately as my husband couldn't sleep after watching Jeepers Creepers 2... lame :P lol
Thanks for this post, i think i'm going to look for one of these on netflix :)

Amanda said...

I used to watch scary movies but for the past 6 years or so I just haven't, too scared. AS I type this I am watching the "The Omen" remake... kinda freaky - but its daylight and I have the screen door open to help, lol. j

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Daylight totally helps!
I once went to the movies by myself to see Exorcist: The Beginning. I had to cover my eyes at the end and the couple two seats over were laughing at me. It was a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm so not a scary movie person! I'm pretty sure the only scary movie I've ever seen is The Ring, and that was during college when I was likely peer-pressured into going to see it :)

And I've only ever seen small clips from the Exorcist, and even that was enough for me to know that I should never, ever watch it.

I'm such a baby. I'll stick with Young Frankenstein and Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for my Halloween flix-fix :)

Lauren said...

The first scary movie I saw was Poltergeist when I was 5, and I also saw Exorcist and Child's Play around that age too.. Those two never scared me back then, but I'm not sure I can handle them now. lol

I really love Night of the Living Dead!