Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Procrastination,

You and I have a rocky past and you seem to follow me where ever I go. I can't shake the ideas you plant in my head or the justifications you whisper in my ears. Especially lately when I have so much to do, you supply endless reasons why it is okay to delay on the projects stacking up on my desk. You say things like, "it's okay to watch just one cliche Lifetime Movie," or, "starting a task at 5pm doesn't mean you have wasted the whole day on Masterpiece Theater."
You tempt me with an overly comfy coach and warm quilt. Somehow the delays and excuses and justifications stack up one by one until I realize that it's crunch time. Then your friend Stress moves in to take your place. And even though I don't really like you, I like Stress even less.
Let's make a truce, for this week. You will allow your enemy, Motivation, to dwell in my head until Sunday, and I promise to give you all day Sunday to make me veg and slack. We won't get a visit from your friend Stress, and I will remain pleasant and mildly cheery to those around me.

Please circle your response.



Thank you for your consideration,

Did you procrastinate this weekend or were you a busy bee?


kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

it's like you've taken the words right out of my brain. i've been totally slacking on the things that need doing, and instead running around the woods investigating treehouses or eating too many cheeseburgers in one weekend.

can you shove motivation my way when you are done with her?
kthanx! :)

Lane said...

Yeah..that little cartoon above equals my life