Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have You Missed Me?

Finally, I'm back in my little home after a whirlwind weekend of wedding goodness in my home state of Indiana.  It was funny how I felt a little disconnected from my little blogging world. Even better, I made a new blogging friend at the wedding! Hi, Claire!
But, now I'm back.

Today is my mama's birthday. I was so happy to spend so much time with her these past couple of days and I'm quite jealous of everyone who lives so close to their families. When I was young and naive, I felt like I had to leave Indiana and see the world. So I did and I feel like I have been trying to get home ever since. On my way home yesterday, I was listening to Indigo Girls (a high school favorite) and the song Back Together Again has a line that says, "I guess that highway got a hold of me, thinking crazy thoughts like it was going to set me free." Even though I have listened to that song hundreds of times, that line struck a chord inside me. As an adolescent, I wanted to be far away and free, so I moved across the country, thinking my new location would somehow change me. As it turned out, it just made me home sick.
I have been living in Texas for 10 years now (eek!). I have a wonderful husband and I love the life we have created for ourselves, but sometimes I just get a little homesick and I want to see my mama.

Coming up later today.....
Details for my birthday giveaway!

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